5 Creative Ways to Use Twitter Lists to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Here are some useful insights into how you can use Twitter lists to streamline important marketing tasks.

The original intention of Twitter lists is to curate a group of Twitter accounts of interest. This is useful because it cuts out the clutter and only shows you the stream of tweets from people on that list. Equally, when someone adds you to a list, you could assume that they’d like to follow and engage with your tweets.

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More recent misuse of the list feature is that spammers attempt to attract your attention to their particular offer. They usually do this by adding you to a list with a descriptive title. A Twitter list can both be on a public and private setting, and you can subscribe to public lists. It’s not uncommon to create a twitter list and never return to it. But, there are additional useful ways that I find you can utilise them in your daily marketing activities. I feel they help to streamline your day-to-day marketing processes to make life a little easier.

If you’d like to learn how to create Twitter Lists- read this guide.

Here are the five ways to use a Twitter list to help with your day to day Marketing.


1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

An important SEO strategy for many is to comment on relevant blog posts. I’m not referring to the spammy tactics of just leaving a comment for the sake of it. Rather, you can find blogs of genuine interest and make meaning comment contributions. You can add these blogs to a list and follow their posts to streamline the reading and commenting process.

2. Influencer Marketing

In the world of social media, there are clients, and then there are influencers. You may need to follow influencers to learn new trends or even to request a favour. It’s usually useful to build up a rapport with influencers before approaching them. One way of doing this is to engage with their content on a regular basis. Again a stream of influencer posts in one place will help you be more productive in your efforts.


3. Use Twitter Lists with Direct Message

Twitter is all about starting and maintaining meaningful conversations. It’s an important part of the engagement process. Although spammy DMs aren’t famous, it’s not uncommon for people to positively respond to a carefully crafted DM; such as a friendly “hello” or question. Once people respond positively to your DM, add them to a list so you can keep up the conversation. When you make contact with these people on your “sociable list”, they will all know who you are and will be more willing to have a conversation with you.

4. Discover Interesting Blogging Ideas

Placing all your favourite blogs in a Twitter list could also be a way of catching up with your reading. Sure enough, nothing lets your writing flow as when you read. You’ll quickly discover interesting angles to create content that your clients care about learning. The added advantage is that you’ll see what people are responding to before you invest your efforts to write about it.

5. Grow your Targeted Following

Once someone adds you to list, the chances are that they add others also. Go to the members’ area on a regular basis and follow interesting accounts. Some of these people will reciprocate. Also, you could subscribe to the list to stand out and become more discoverable.


Final Word...

It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to do these activities in private accounts, just the public ones. Also, do remember that you can do other cool things like to share your list link with others. Although you only have 25 characters to play with when naming your Twitter list, make the name of your list as descriptive as possible. Be honest about its intention and give members a little bit more information in the description section.

I would love to hear how you use Twitter lists in your marketing efforts. Please leave your comment below.


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