10 Surefire Ways To Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Struggling with Social Media? Here Are 10 Things Missing From Your Strategy.

The “build it and they will come” social media fad have been around as long as social media itself. We can reach just about anyone, but it’s no easier to close a sale and to scale the business. Here’s why: social media came with a new set of rules. Clients feel entitled, and they expect our stuff for free.

Social Media Strategy Tips

How else would social media contest become so popular? Not to mention, the content creation and curation phenomenon. Those of us who blog does so as if our dear life depends on it.

They tell us that we need to earn people’s trust. And how long does this take? (I hear you ask) How long is a piece of string? (My reply)

The shotgun approaches that most entrepreneurs and small business owners take just won’t work. That’s a guarantee!

Instead, you need a Social Media Strategy! Here are ten elements that you MUST use to create the framework of your plan.

Social Media Sales Funnel

You need a Social media sales funnel to sell to the prospects you reach on social media. It’s not the same when people search for your products using a search engine. People are in different frames of mind on both platforms. When a prospect search Google for a product or service, they are in the buying phase. On social media, they aren’t ready or prepared to buy. You’ll have to nurture them using email marketing. Here’s the truth, if you aren’t nurturing your prospects you may be wasting your time.

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Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar will help you to plan compelling content for the future. But, that’s not the only reasons why you need a calendar. You need a schedule to align your content with significant real world events. It also serves to maximise your lead generation efforts.

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Create a Plan to Connect

As an entrepreneur or small business, the best way to grow your audience is to follow other people. About 10% will follow you back. But you don’t just want to follow anyone. You want to target the right people. The first component of this plan is to make a note of the accounts that your audience follow. Create a schedule to follow, join conversations and to connect on a regular basis.

Review your Results

You need to become aware of the data that matter. For instance, how many people replied to your post? How many clicks went to your site or landing page? How many extra leads signed up for your offer? Only with this data can you make informed changes.

Brand Well

You should always complete your bio so people can identify what you do. Ensure that you use your designs to help convey your message. People interact with other people on social media. Regardless of how large you want to come across to your prospects, you might sell yourself short with a logo. A personable, friendly headshot could do wonders to communicate your personality.

Invest Time to Prepare your Updates

You can share the same content in different ways. Don’t use the same images on your informational post all the time. Design new pictures and change up the wording of your posts. People gets tired of seeing the same thing. Also, add a variation of hashtags and mentions to each post. If you share many points in your blog post, use them to communicate the value of your updates.

Influencers Marketing is Key

Influencer marketing is to leverage key leaders in your niche to amplify your message to a larger audience. You should know who your influencers are on social media. Once you do, join the conversation already taking place. A mere mention could also help you get a Retweet on Twitter.

Live engagement isn't Optional

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot just set it and forget it. You have to show us for in-the-moment conversations on a daily basis.

Be Human

It’s best to let your personality shine through on social media. Share your thoughts, be helpful and don’t ignore comments. You have to treat it like a friendly community where a two-way conversation is taking place.

Don't Buy Popularity

Few things damage your reputation than when you buy fans or followers. Provided you adopt the above, you should grow your social media platforms at a steady pace. People look at your engagement levels vs. your audience size. Don’t destroy your reputation before you get the chance to build one up.

Final Word

Social media marketing is hard! But when you do it well, you can reap the significant benefits for the business. But here’s the thing, your strategy isn’t one that’s going to be a magic bullet to your success. You must invest the time and energy to measure and tweak- and tweak and test. The good news is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. With the proven approach, you can create a robust framework on which to build your strategy.

How are you doing on social media? Did this article resonate with your efforts? How often do you review your Social Media Strategy? Please leave a comment below.

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