[Case Studies] Why Small Business should still Employ SEO

Two Small Business Case Studies that Demonstrates the Relevance of SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) make it easier for a search engine to find, index, categorise and rank web content. But, is SEO still useful or just a waste of time and money for the Small Business? Many small business owners are scared of SEO so these two case studies will demonstrate its’ benefits.

small business seo case studies

Each month while 285 million people view TV and 48.4 million read the daily newspaper; there is over 100 billion online search using Google for the same period. This implies that more people use search engines to find information that they need than any other medium. It would, therefore, seem worthwhile for marketers to employ SEO to improve the relevance of their website and to become more discoverable.

Here are two case studies that indicate the relevance of SEO:

1. Fabric Retailer SEO Case Study: - JandoFabrics.com

This particular fabric retailer was overspending on ads; however, they implemented SEO and 5532 inbound links. As a result of their SEO effort they reduce money spent on marketing, their sales increased as well as website traffic grew by 80%.

2. SmartKit SEO Case Study: - Smart-Kit.com

This was a 6-month-old gaming website which was struggling to get traffic. They then turned to SEO and social media to increase website traffic which rose by 4,400%. The website is now in the top 10 position of Google for relevant keywords that send them 300,000 visitors each month. They have also increased their revenue stream as they are selling advertising.

In both these case studies, SEO has proven to improve online marketing success and to grow the business and to reduce costs spent on advertising.

SEO is still an effective online marketing tactics to generate results as it adds to the relevance of a website and increases its visibility for particular keywords. SEO have inherited a bad name over the years as spamming search engines defined it. Now, things are different where SEO is more about good value content that you share with your client. Here’s sample Social SEO task list.

I would like to hear about your SEO strategy and how it’s working for your business. Please leave your feedback below. 

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