Semalt Shares 6 Tips to Boost your Online Marketing using Insights from Competitors SEO Efforts.

Get some Insights how you can use your Competitors SEO efforts to Boost your Business

No one likes to see their competitors rank higher in search engines but the reality is that we cannot avoid it. Search engine optimisation (SEO) practices are forever changing, and it’s truly the survival of the fittest game. But, if your competitors are doing well, all isn’t lost because they can indirectly help you to improve your SEO or even business strategy.

Tips from Semalt to Boost SEO

This, of course, will take some work on your part as you analyse various aspects of their online presence. But the bottom line is that you could be the beneficiary of their hard work and even money invested from their years of trial and error.

It’s a little bit like reverse engineering that is extremely common in the world of advertising.

Nik Chaykovskiy from Semalt, a digital agency that specialises in SEO services shares six practices to make the most of your competitors’ SEO efforts.

1. Get Content Ideas

To generate innovative ideas consistently is challenging so you can look at the competitors’ websites to get a feel for the content that will resonate with your audience. The information provided by competitors enables the business to get a general perspective of industry’s future trends. There is also the opportunity to improve on a piece of content which is common practice among many expert marketers like Neil Patel.

2. SEO Link Building

A competitor that is doing well in search engines for competitive keywords will have authoritative sites linking back to their content. It’s not good SEO practice to buy links or spam the search engine by getting a link anywhere you can. However, you can build relationships with reputable sites whose readers may find your content useful. Once you discover where your competitor’s links are, you can build relationships with the same or similar sites. Use a tool like MOZ to find these links but remember that you should seek to build relationships rather than just links.

3. Follower Cultivation

Social Media engagement is said to influence SEO, although we are not completely sure how it works. Nevertheless, you can study what your competitors are doing well on social media. For instance, what content resonates with their audience? What are the questions that customers are asking? Draft their best practices in your strategy and very soon; you will attract the attention of your target audience on social media.

4. Brand Differentiation

When a business adopts an SEO strategy correctly, it produces content that enhances interaction with the customers and has the correct structure to be relevant to the search engines. There is a delicate balance between the two, so it’s worth taking note. They may also make changes that optimise the performance of their website that relates to usability.

5. Improvement Areas

The business can also benefit from learning the weaknesses of competitors. A popular competitor may have dissatisfied customers will express their experience publicly. You can check whether the search engines return negative reviews and use them to become better in your industry.

6. Relationship Building

Your business can work with competitors to achieve mutual goals. Guest blogging is one of the methods of improving business relationships. The company can use the guest blogging opportunity to provide valuable content to readers on the competitor’s website. You, in turn, should also give guest blogging opportunities to those companies that have the intention to achieve mutual goals in the industry.

Your business can garner valuable information from the digital and SEO strategies adopted by your competitors. The primary purpose behind it is to improve your online visibility and customer traffic and even to improve your products and services. In today’s world of business- no one reinvents the wheel so pay attention to what works, and while you don’t want to copy others, you can indeed adopt best practices.

Over to you, how are some of the ways that your study your successful competitors?

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