How to Restore Your LinkedIn Marketing in 2017

Get back on LinkedIn and Get the Most out of the Platform with these Tips.

With over 450M registered users, Linkedin is the world’s largest professional network. The platform isn’t just for job seekers but also drives B2B sales. It’s excellent for joint venture partnerships and to connect and learn from like-minded individuals. But, many business owners have neglected the platform. Some feel it’s too closed, hard to use or that they lack the time needed to manage their LinkedIn presence.

LinkedIn Marketing 2016

This post covers how you can get back on LinkedIn, using best practices to get the most out of the platform.

Let’s dive in.

How to Optimise your LinkedIn Profile

You first need to optimise your LinkedIn profile. You should aim for profile strength known as  “All-Star”. Your profile strength indicator is to the right when you log in to your account. To achieve this, you should complete all the required fields listed below. LinkedIn gives you intuitive prompts so you won’t miss sections of your profile. Here’s a list of the key areas to complete.

  • Photo
  • Name
  • Headline
  • Your location
  • Your Industry
  • Profile URL
  • Professional Summary
  • Job History
  • Education History

How to Grow your Linkedin Audience

Synchronise with your email account: Once you optimise your profile, it’s time to build your audience with relevant followers.   You can start by inviting your current email contacts to connect. This is perhaps the easiest way to get first-degree LinkedIn connections.

Here’s how you get started: 

  • Once you login to LinkedIn
  • Visit the Grow my Network tab ( Top right of your Profile)
  • Click on “Add Contact.”
  • Select and Synchronise with your email provider
  • Deselect the contact you don’t wish to Invite
  • Select “next” to complete the process
Grow My Network

Grow My Network Tab in LinkedIn Gives your Opportunity to Connect with those in your Network and Invite Email Contacts.

People in your network: You can send invitations to individuals in your network. A simple click on the “Connect” link will send an invite to those of interest.  You can also access “people you may know”  from the “Grow my Network” tab and ask them to connect.

People not in your network: For those individuals who aren’t in your network, you will see the following form. Once you complete this, LinkedIn will forward your invitation. The best practice here is to write your version of the message rather than to send the generic one provided.

For those not in your Network, you will see this form when you attempt to connect with them.

For those not in your Network, you will see this form when you attempt to connect with them.

Advanced Power Tip: How to Grow your First 1000 Followers on LinkedIn to Boost LinkedIn Marketing Efforts

You can use a service called TopLinked to gain your first 1000 followers on LinkedIn. Many people use this service to get social proof quickly. Once you sign up, you will have access to spreadsheets of active LinkedIn users. Once you download this information, go to “Add Contact” followed by “Import File”. Upload the file, and invite contacts to connect.

How to Rank High on LinkedIn

Once you set-up your profile, it takes just 24 hours for LinkedIn to rank your account. They do this just on the relevance of your account for a particular search. First, you must check whether you have duplicate accounts. If you do,  request that LinkedIn merges them, and here are the instructions.

Starting with your 120-word headline it should be keyword rich. What are the relevant keywords for your business?  Make a note of them and include in your profile. Keywords should be in your Title, company field, summary and recommendations. But remember, don’t be too spammy, make it relevant.

How to Standout on LinkedIn

The best way to stand out on LinkedIn is to share relevant content on a regular basis.  When your first-degree connections engage with your content, they share your message with their connections.  The key here is to share information that they will find interesting. The next thing is you should ask for recommendations from clients. Nothing adds more credibility to your profile and lets you stand out from the masses.

A little known tactic to attract people to your profile is to visit their profile and to endorse them. These actions will alert them to your presence so they can discover your business. 

Finally, add some graphics to sections of your profile. For instance, you can share a link to a blog post, upload an Infographics, share a download and so on. Don’t leave out a background image. It could add some life to your profile and provide extra information about your business.

How to be Valuable to your LinkedIn Audience

LinkedIn isn’t like Facebook or Twitter. For starters, you should only post about three pieces of high-value content in one day. Publish your original, insightful articles to the platform and then share it in LinkedIn groups.

How to Win in LinkedIn Groups

You can become a member of 100 LinkedIn group at a time. It’s not always best practice to join groups in your niche. Join groups that your clients are using. Learn the rules of the group before you post any information. It is good practice to say “hello” once the moderator approves your request.

How to Manage LinkedIn Marketing in 15 Minutes a Day

So, here’s a mini plan to get you started. It is based on most of the things that I mentioned.

  • Request ten (10) connections
  • Like and comment on ten (10) posts
  • Share an interesting article in relevant group
  • Respond to messages and comments
  • Visit five (5) profiles and endorse them

Final Word

When you approach LinkedIn, don’t neglect your marketing strategy. As a freelance Social Media Manager, I lost count of the number of business owners who are only interested in likes and followers. These vanity metrics won’t get you far. Think about what you’d like to achieve to grow your business. Usually, this is traffic to your site, leads to your email list and content consumption, etc. Everything you do should align with these goals.

Leave a comment below to tell me how you are using LinkedIn. Are there other tips that am missing?

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2 thoughts on “How to Restore Your LinkedIn Marketing in 2017

  1. Hi Francene. I have joined Linkedin about two years now: but I haven’t posted or commented on anything, simply because I did not quite understand it, also, when I signed up I was self Employed, but now I am not. I have taken up “Writing” now as my Business. My first Book is scheduled to be published earley November. I am following you with great initerest, I think that I should wait until the book is released before filling out the details as you have suggested. What do you think? Thanks for the education that you are giving.


    • Hello, Ira, I think you should fill in your profile and start to grow your audience. You should then build your audience and ignite some curiosity before launch date. Good luck and tell me how it goes. Francene