How To Outsource Your Social Media marketing

Helping you Clarify your social media expectations to Boost results.

Social Media is an important part of the digital marketing mix. With so many hats to wear, business owners can’t do it all. Even large teams struggle to keep up with the changing social media landscape. To outsource the work seem a viable option, but challenging for those with unclear expectations. Unless, you’ve been there and done it before- it’s not easy to know how to outsource social media. From experience, I will share how to get the most out of your social media management.

Outsource social media marketing to boost ROI

Social media is no fad! Aberdeen report shows that 84% of B2B marketers use social media in some form.  Social Media Examiner reported that 83% of marketers believe that social media is important for their business.

Business owners are still unclear how to convert their fans into customers. According to Abode, 52% of marketers cite difficulties in measuring ROI. Without, ROI forecast, it’s a challenge to justify the budget for social media management. Hopefully, this post will help you clarify expectations, define goals so you can get the most out of your social media efforts.

Unrealistic Expectation Is The #1 Barrier To Success

Social media has limitations. It’s not a shopping cart so don’t expect a windfall of sales.

Social media for the most of the sales cycle is a lead generation process.  Social media managers who aren’t able to suggest or build out a lead generation or sales funnel won’t deliver meaningful results to your campaign.

Successful Social Media Management Begins With You

An effective strategy starts with the client. The social media manager should be able to educate you about possible goals. But these goals should be subtotal of your expectations.

Your social media manager should then conduct an audit. This check sets the baseline for the entire campaign.

The audit should cover brand consistency, profiles alignment with business goals and purpose of each platform. 

You should work with your social media professional to define “buyer persona” or all other efforts and investment many go waste. These processes are requisite to building a relevant audience, create content, and to audit results.

The Role Of A Social Media Manager

The posting of tweets or creating any other form of updates is the job of a social media manager. But, these tasks alone doesn’t make one a social media manager.

A Social Media Manager is an individual who’s trusted with monitoring, contributing to, filtering, measuring and otherwise guiding the social media presence of a brand, product, individual or corporation.

This person should understand all aspects of digital marketing. This knowledge is necessary to appreciate how social media fits into the bigger picture.

Social Media Managers have 12 core responsibilities:

  • Curating
  • Crafting
  • Posting
  • Scheduling
  • Measuring
  • Analysing
  • Responding
  • Listening
  • Engaging
  • Helping
  • Planning
  • Experimenting.

The process of running a social media campaign is hard work. Like with everything else, you WILL get what you pay for when if you decide to outsource.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to getting it right.

Guide To Outsourcing Your Social Media Management

Don’t expect miracles with your social media management.

  • It takes:
  •  Time
  • Focus
  •  Money
  • Tools
  • Resources
  • Trial and Error
  • Creativity
  • Copy creation

How To Decide What Aspects Of Social Media Marketing To Outsource

You can select sections of your social media management to outsource. Perhaps outsource the task that’s boring, where you lack the skills or time to do.  Here are some of the areas that you may outsource:

  • Design brand for social media presence
  • Optimise your profile
  • Grow your audience
  • Connect with Influencers who can expose your brand
  • Plan and create your content including free offers
  • Create landing pages
  • Run paid ads
  • Post your content
  • Respond to your fans
  • Audit and make future recommendations and changes.
  • Help you decide if your goal is realistic
  • Help you define your clients also known as buyer persona
  • Run contests
  • Lead generation process

A flexible service provider or freelancer will be happy to take on your campaign.  However, it is crucial that you are working a complete strategy. Small bits here and there of social media marketing can be useless as none at all.

Ensure That Your Social Media Manager have a Strategy in Place

Social Media professionals should have a system that’s easy for you to understand. The system should serve to clarify expectations of the service. It should help you to answer whether they meet your SMART goals. The process should also provide feedback on how to improve your future campaigns.

The Social Media Success Management Cycle

The elements of a social media marketing campaign are multi-faceted. If one part of the cycle is missing, you may compromise the whole process.

Here is the Social Media Success Cycle:

You need to check accounts on a timely basis to address queries or comments. This activity demonstrates that you are present in the process.

Your content should tick all the right boxes to trigger the most engagement. Post Planner provides high engaging content that you can schedule directly to Facebook and Twitter.

You need to take steps that will attract new interest and boost growth. Buying followers or likes is worthless. You should follow and engage with people in your target audience.

You need to keep up to date with social media best practices. Continue to learn the things that are working. Your social media manager should advise you about what’s working.

Effective Social Media Process to Boost Engagement and Produce Results.

Effective Social Media Process to Boost Engagement and Produce Results.

Each month you need to assess your efforts and improve your campaign strategy. There is always room for improvement.

You need easy-to-understand analysis of the areas that matter. Social media platforms provide useful data. 3rd management software like Buffer and Hootsuite also provide excellent reports.

You need to share content at the right times and frequency. A platform such as Followerwonk can give you insight into your audience.

High-quality content is a must for your social media campaign. Your content should align with the requirements of your buyer persona.

Finally, there is no secret to social media marketing success. Success is a result of hard work of a strategy that takes time and dedication.

However, that’s no excuse for unclear goals. Social Media managers should be accountable for the work that they produce.

If you have any good practices or have outsourced or considering whether to outsource your social media management? I would love to hear your views below. What’s your greatest challenge to outsourcing your social media?  I would love to hear from you. Please comment below! 

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