The Definitive Guide To London Twitter Hashtags

Exploring all London Hashtags to find the best ones for your Business.

The use of Hashtags is a growing trend. Smart business owners are taking full advantage of them to maximise their reach. After all, it’s free advertising so why not? But how useful are these Hashtags? Are they a waste of space in an already limited character tweet? Or do they hit the spot and deliver results.

People have twitter conversations around a postcode or even Town name. In theory, this should place them in targeted communications. This could increase visibility, boost brand awareness, drive foot traffic and sales. But what does the reality says about these London location-based hashtags?

To analyse a hashtag, you need to consider the following:

  • How many unique hashtags are shared per hour? If the answer to this is 4 of less, it means that no conversation is occurring around the hashtag.
  • One account may be the result of all the tweets.
  • We all know that one person cannot have a conversation.

Let’s dive in started.

East London Hashtags

#E2 is low volume conversation hashtag. It should be coupled with favourite local towns like #Bricklane to increase reach. Hashtags are used by everyone, anywhere on the planet. #E10 is one such postcode with 50% of users in Australia. I wouldn’t exclude this postcode, but would couple this with a Hashtag like #Stratford. #Stratford has over 40,000 impressions which could extend reach by a significant number.

The Dutch Twitter users partly dominate #E17. It has 138,921 impressions, so I’d take my chances with this postcode.

Still over in the East of London, local business owners will welcome this discovery. So far, we have shared hashtags with Australia and the Dutch affiliation. We had to pair postcodes with local towns to boost reach. But, if you live or run your business from #Walthamstow- it’s 100 UK.

Furthermore, #Walthamstow has 23,000+ impressions. The savvy marketers from all over the UK even uses this Hashtag to increase their reach.

Central London Hashtags

Central Londoners aren’t using hashtags of their postcodes. This area is inactive on social media postcode scene.

North London Hashtags

Of all the small volume hashtags, there’s a decent level of conversation around the North London area. #N16 have around 12 tweets per hour with good impressions. Local business owners could group #N10 and #N11 to get a decent amount of eyeballs on their message.

You could group #N17, #Tottenham and #N22 in your Twitter message.

#NW9 is 100% Japanese. #NW10 is a better postcode and #Willesden in 100% UK with over 2,000 impressions. A strong local business community is active here so group #NW10 with #Willesden.

South East London Hashtags

#SE3 is a promising hashtag so couple it with #SE5 for a joint impression of 3,800+. Again #SE3 belongs to the UK for now, and it has a wider range of activities throughout the day. The key Twitter influencer in this area is a building company known as @apwardbuilding. It’s good practice to ask influencer for a Retweet.

They’re no tweet lovers in #Lewisham, but #Peckham, which is 100% UK. Peckham is active with over 13,000+ impressions. Significant and influential accounts such as @LondonBridgeJCP and
@cafevivapeckham use #Peckham.

#SE16 is the best quality hashtag for a conversation with high-quality Twitter accounts. They include property, events, politics and passerby who share photos of Globe Pond.

Globe Pond

Globe Pond

#SE19 isn’t just 100% UK, but it has some high-quality accounts that tweet using the hashtag. They include @CPFoodMarket (4000+followers) and @CroydonLabour. I would group #SE19 with #SE24 and #SE25 in tweet messages

South West London Hashtags

I’m quite surprised by the non-activity around both #SW2 and #Brixton. Neighbouring town #SW4 has 243,000+ Impressions. This is partly due to a major Influencer account that tweet using #SW4 postcode.

#SW6 or #Fulham isn’t that impressive so group with #Hammersmith for 4000 impressions.

#SW14 or Battersea Park has some activity from both local businesses and outdoor enthusiast.

#SW19 is an example of a world stage Hashtag. People all across the world uses this hashtag to refer to Wimbledon. Although, that’s great- it’s not much use when you are trying to reach local people. I would recommend that you group #Wimbledon with #SW19.

The TW postcode isn’t useful, and neither is #RichmondPark. If you want to share to your park shots, Hashtag #London in your marketing tweets.

#Kingstonuponthames is excellent for B2B marketing. You will receive almost 3K impressions here.

While we hope that location based hashtags performed better- they have a long way to go. With a little strategy and influencer outreach, they could certainly maximise reach. End of the day, it’s about conversation and relevance, but that’s a post for another day.

If you know of a location-based Hashtag that works well to bring together conversation- please let us know in the comments below.

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