Ideas To Become Smarter At Using Dropbox

Get the most out of your Dropbox with these ideas and tips.

Dropbox is a useful tool for most small business owners. But many only make use of the basic function  to store files and documents. Dropbox, when used well, could help you get things done- without the hassle. This article will help you get some ideas to maximise the use of Dropbox.

Ideas for using Dropbox
What is Dropbox?: It’s a cloud-based service that lets users  download a unique application to their computers and/or mobile devices. Files that you save in this app can be accessed from all devices with the installed app or with an internet connection.

The Main purposes of Dropbox

  • Backup important files: You won’t lose your document if your computer fails.
  • Collaboration: You can work with a remote team member on the same document.
  • Storage of large files: This will store files that may slow your computer down.
  • Work from multiple devices anywhere: You can work from any device with the Internet or the Dropbox app.
  • Transfer large files: You can share files by a shared folder, esp. if it’s too large for email transfer.
  • Access your files offline: You can access folders and records even when you have no Internet connection.
  • Share files: Using a shared folder, you can share files with many people at once. You can also share via a link.

Dropbox is available on the following devices:

  • IOS and Android App
  • IPAD, Kindle Fire 4.0.1 +
  • Windows phone and tablet

How to Send Documents to Dropbox

Anyone can send files to your Dropbox even if they don’t own an account. They can do so using

Send to Dropbox Site

Send to Dropbox Site


  1. Go to the site
  2. Connect to Dropbox
  3. Once you connect, you will get your unique email address
  4. Your Dashboard will give you the option to organise your destination configuration to Dropbox
  5. There are also other options to format the name of your destination folder even further.

When someone sends documents to your Dropbox email address, they will appear in auto-generated “App” folder.

This feature is useful also to send documents to yourself when you don’t have access to Dropbox.

Ideas for using Dropbox

Educator, Trainer or Coach: Ask your students to create a Dropbox account and then submit their assignment to a shared folder. This could save you the time of sending emails to many people and also avoid bulk printing.
Read PDF downloads: You can send all your PDF downloads to Dropbox so you can read them on the go. It’s a good e-reader because it let you read offline.
Support Person: If you are the support person for a close-knit team of family members. You can share help documents and screencast in a shared folder.
Stay on top of Finance: Save receipts and invoices to keep your finance in order. You can use your smartphone to take images of receipts and them store them in Dropbox.

Travelling?: Save your passports and drivers licence to save yourself against potential loss.
Photographer: Send completed work to clients. It’s an easy way to collaborate on customers’ preferences. Also, clients have the option to take advantage of Dropbox to store and protect their memories.

Support Group: Share valuable resources with team members such as books, guides, pamphlets and more.
Business Owners:

  • Share important documents with your team using a shared folder.
  • Collaborate with freelancers on pieces of content for your business.

Marketers: Transfer your images directly from Shutterstock website to Dropbox. It makes the creation of Instagram designs from your phone easier.

Freelancers: Keep customer files and documents to deliver excellent customer service on the go.

Planning a Wedding: Interact with guest and share photographs. People can print the photos they need from your collection.

Running a workshop: Provide access to notes and presentation after a seminar or presentation

Musician: Share tracks with musicians for music composition.

Church: Share updates with volunteers or song lyrics with worship groups.

Website designer: Pass website design mock-ups and concepts back and forth.

Writer: Track changes made to pieces of writing using the “Recent” tab.

Landlord: Show images of your property to clients using a unique link to a public folder.

Job applications: Apply for jobs anywhere by keeping a copy of your CV/Resume handy on the app.

Recruiter: Collect PDF of job applications. Using a service like, you can integrate your forms to a Dropbox folder.

Anyone can use Dropbox but with a little creativity, you could maximise your productivity. It could save you headaches suffered when you lose your physical copies.

If you have any other ideas of how to get the most of the application- do let me know below.

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