How to Fix These 7 Twitter Marketing Mistakes

Learn how to get the most out of Twitter with these tips.

With 310M users, Twitter is a crowded platform.  Business owners have to earn attention. You see- Twitter users are smart! They want tremendous value from those they follow -for free.  Girl (or Guy), just cause’ you open an account, doesn’t mean they gonna come! (My African American accent :-)). You have to work for attention and in most cases “give until it hurts”; before you see the fruits of your labour.

Twitter marketing mistakes

(But am sure you know all that already!)

The good news is that hard work often pays off, which is why we stick it out even when it gets tough. In some cases, it’s not the big things that need fixing- it’s the small stuff. You’ll be amazed how simple fixes can go a long way to boost engagement and build your brand.

As a social media manager, I’ve seen my fair share of the little Twitter blunders.

Sample Heading

Fail #1: A large following to follower ratio:

This screams desperation! In a desperate attempt to grow your audience you keep following hundreds of people. For some reason, no one care and you end up following 1000 people with only ten followers. Mmmm.. not good!

Fix #1: I clean up Twitter accounts using this cost-effective on-the-go method:

  1. Go to the Crowdfire App
  2. Load up account (instructions are simple)
  3. Head over to the tab “Non-Followers.”
  4. Unfollow those suckers! (smile)
Use Crowd fire to Clean-up Twitter Account

Use Crowd fire to Clean-up Twitter Account


Tip: Don’t let Twitter suspend your account for churning. Develop a routine! Unfollow five days after you’ve followed your most recent batch of people.

Fail #2: A Company and Personal purpose combined

If you have a Twitter account for your business, it should say just that in your bio. Focus is critical! On Twitter, people follows the best in a particular field. Having a personal photo for a business account can work. Tweeting your feelings and convictions will chase people away.

Fix #2: How I tidy up confusing Twitter accounts:

  1. Help to define buyer persona- Checkout buyer persona tool in this article
  2. Update profile to reflect benefits: (Use bio to show NOT tell!)
  3. Pin “Industry Specific” lead to profile

Fail #3: Serves too many purposes

Don’t try to serve too many masters with one Twitter presence. Keep your bio focus on one business at a time. A little like no. 2 but in this case am referring to two companies to a single account.

Fix #3: How I Remedy this type of Twitter accounts:

  1. Create separate accounts for each business
  2. Update profile to reflect change

Fail #4: Always Promoting your Products/Services

Treating Twitter like a storefront is not a good idea! Have a balanced approach with what you share. Some call it the 80:20 Pareto principle. So for every eight pieces of informative content, promote two of your products/services. Get creative and craft valued messages that will entertain and inspire your audience.

Fix #4: How I fix this Content strategy that works:

  1. Create a content strategy that looks something like this: 
Quotes, Useful Tips (with no links) >> Use day related hashtags #MondayMotivation >> Share your own blog posts >> Share other people’s blog posts (curated) >> Retweet, like and mention others >> In that mix, share your stuff!

Fail #5: Not Sharing enough Content

I’ve worked with clients who share the same newsletter offer each week. Not everyone has the resources to invest in content. I get that, BUT that’s no excuse to share one piece of content all the time. Sharing additional updates is easier than your think.

Fix #5: How I fix this Twitter Content issue:

  1. Curate relevant content
  2. Use a service like Buffer to feed timely and pertinent content to Twitter account

Here is how to Curate and Automate Content

Grab site address of content you feel will benefit your audience >> Go over to Buffer >> Select RSS Feed >> Select Add and Remove Feeds >> Paste website address in space provided >> Buffer  generates a link that looks like >> Select link >>  It should then load the blog content under “View all Feeds” >> Add articles of interest to your Schedule >> Boom! You have content for as long as you need!


How to Curate Content using Buffer App.

How to Curate Content using Buffer App.

Fail #6: Incomplete Profile

Some business owners chose not to complete their bio. I don’t have any research to back this up. But, I would assume that it’s the first thing that people read before they decide to follow an account. Some leave the location field blank or just put their postcode, “Worldwide” or the word “online.”

Fix #6: How I fix this:

  • Complete profile
  • Include location
  1. If Internet business: I put name of City and Country
  2. If Local business, I put name of Town and City
  3. If International business: I put name of Country

Fail #7: No signs of Conversation

This is a classic no-follow fail. 100k followers but not a single retweet or favourite in sight. This is a sign of “FAKE” account which instantly damages your Twitter credibility. On the other extreme, you do not engage with any accounts.

Fix #7: How I fix this:

  • Use a tool like Fake Followers Checks to establish the extent of the problem:
  • If extent of problem too great – restart a new Twitter account
  • Develop a strategy to engage: e.g. In 5 minutes a day, read, share and like tweets. Say thank you to people who engage with you.
    If large following- I would build a list to keep up with the leading influencers on Twitter.
My Top Twitter Engagement strategy:  My secret weapon to get people talking to me is Postplanner. With an account, I can share compelling content and ask engaging questions.

If you are on Twitter for any amount of time, you know it’s a challenge to stand out from the crowd. But, at times all it takes are small tweaks to make a significant difference. For time-strapped business owners, it’s not easy. But spend some time and clarify and identify the purpose of your account and you’ll find your halfway there.

Think Community.


Instead of thinking about building a social media presence, start thinking about building a community. You will fit the pieces together a lot quicker and build a Twitter presence that matter.

Why not tell me about your Twitter experience and how you overcame challenges? I would love to hear from you! Leave your comments below.

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