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Discover Free Digital Marketing Tools to Get Results from Your Efforts.

45 Questions Digital Marketing Checklist

Are you stuck in the confusing world of Digital Marketing? Download the ultimate checklist here


Social Media Selling Guide

Even wondered how to sell on social media? If you have, you are not alone. Many people still don’t have a clue how to convert social media fans to customers. They still treat their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages like some shopping carts. Of course, you will have realised that it just doesn’t work that way. Here is an easy to read social selling guide that will save you the frustration, time and even money. Get the free Social Selling Guide Here

Social Media Strategy Template

Successful social media marketing starts with a plan. But not just any plan, you need one that includes the very best practices used by professional marketers. You also need a system to record your results and repeat the things that worked for you. Here is a plan with prompts to help you fit the missing pieces of your social media plan together.Get the free Social Media Strategy template Here

Social Media Sticker Designs

Run a local store, church or club? Want to get the most out of your social media efforts? Then why aren’t you displaying personalised social media stickers? Here is a set of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram stickers that you can download, edit and print. All instructions are included so don’t waste any more time. Get the free Social Media Stickers Here

Graphic Design Cheatsheet

You no longer need to be a graphic design guru to create stunning designs. Tools like Canva and Pickmonkey are a godsend for the designing-challenged folks like you and I. But, there’s even an easier way to create professional designs. With a few tips and tricks, you will know what works right away. Here is my design cheat sheet to get you started now. Get the free Graphic Design Cheatsheet Here

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