9 Facebook Advertising tools to Maximise ROI on a Budget

Approach Facebook Marketing With Confidence so You Can Get Better Results

Facebook is an important advertising platform for companies of all sizes. 900 million people use the site daily, and it’s robust targeting capabilities makes it ideal to reach a highly relevant audience.

Facebook Advertising Tools

But, creating a Facebook campaign is easier said than done. Simple mistakes could blow your marketing budget leaving you at a significant loss. So, you must adhere to best practices to optimise campaigns and get better results. In the early days of Facebook marketing, many marketers made mistakes and thankfully tried and tested best practices are now available today.

Even better, software platforms are now available to make our lives easier and below I will cover some that are suitable for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Here are 9 Facebook Marketing tools that can help you Achieve Success on a Budget.

Facebook Ads Manager

From Facebook Ads Manager, you can create and manage your ads. The 5-step system lets you target the right people, measure performance and manage your budget. You will start your campaign from here if you decide to use a Facebook only tool.

It’s also free to use.

Facebook Audience Insights

It’s worth paying attention to the Facebook audience insight tool. This application lets you understand your audience so your message can meet their need. You will receive insight into three different groups of people namely:

  • The general Facebook audience
  • People connected to your Page or event
  • An audience made up of your customers e.g. a group etc.

As a Facebook tool, it is free to use.

Facebook Ads Manager App

More people spend less time on their desktop computers making, the mobile app popular among advertisers. They can remotely manage their campaigns. It is available both as an Android and iPhone app and is already used by millions of business owners.

With the app, advertisers can

  • Create ads
  • Track performance.
  • Edit ads.
  • Edit schedules and budgets.
  • Receive push notifications.


Again, this is a free tool.


Qwaya enables you to run your ads with all the best practices from a single dashboard. With this tool, you can create ads and track their performance. It allows you to carry out A/B testing so you know how to spend your advertising dollar for future campaigns. Another dominant feature is the scheduling of your campaigns to correlate with popular events.

You can start with free trial and from $149/month




This platform has a clean, user-friendly interface that’s suitable for the solo-entrepreneurs. It lets you access incredible visual analytics so you can use to run better campaigns. I particularly like the conversion pixel tracking and best practices template.

They offer a 14-day free trial and price starts from $49/month

Hootsuite Ads

The Hootsuite Ads platform is unique because it focuses on getting the most out of your Facebook posts, should you decide to boost a post. Once you select your advertising goal, it scans your Facebook Pages for the best posts. The tool also helps you find the right audience for your ads. It simplifies the process as well and helps you to manage your budget.

You need a professional account to run campaigns, and it starts from $34.99


With AdStage, you can manage advertising campaigns across mutliple platforms namely:  Google Adwords, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. It lets you create and optimise your ads from a single dashboard. The clear benefit is the time you can save by using one system to manage all your campaigns.

It starts from $199/month

Compass from AdEspresso

This web tool from AdEspresso lets you analyse your Facebook Ads to discover what works best. It’s easy to use and enables you to generate useful reports for in-house or share with a 3rd party use.

It is free to use

CoSchedule Headline Analyser

Different from the others mentioned so far, this powerful free tool lets you create compelling headlines. The title optimisation tool makes you write better Facebook ad titles to capture the attention of your audience.

This is a great free tool to use.

As a solo entrepreneur or small business owner, you don’t have the time to learn from scratch. I doubt that you have a large budget to make all the mistakes in the world. These intuitive tools will help you apply best practices so you can get the best results the first time. Also, Remember to read Facebook’s terms and learn their best practices.

Would you add other resources to this list? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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