The Digital Marketing Champion Coaching® Program

The Digital Marketing Champion® program equips SMBs, Charities, Entrepreneurs, Churches, etc. to create, implement and improve a tailored Digital Marketing Strategy in their business or cause. During this 3-day workshop, we will map out your entire Digital Marketing strategy, and you or your delegate will know EXACTLY how to run effective campaigns from, SEO, PPC, Content Marketing to Email Marketing all within the context of your business. You will also get the tools to diagnose and improve everyday issues that will fine tune your strategy over time. The training comes with high-value Digital Marketing Schedules to be completed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis all with the capability to track relevant results. We take the guesswork away from your Digital Marketing efforts saving you time and money to grow your business. Learn more here

Training Events

For those who require a more practical and hands-on training, there is a broad range of London based workshops that they can attend. The groups are small making the experience personable. Some of the courses on schedule in these seminars include: Learn to Build & Manage a Blog/Website Workshop, Music Marketing Training for Independent Artists, Bands & Musicians and How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan for your Business. See what's on

Digital Marketing Planner

The Practical Digital Marketing Planner is a physical business tool that allows anyone to Create, Implement & Improve a Complete Digital Marketing Program to Succeed Online. The guide has blueprints, worksheets, marketing schedules, best practice checklists and more that you can take advantage of to create an actionable digital marketing program filled with the strategies you need to implement to thrive online. Get you copy here. 

Online Learning Courses

Learn Digital Marketing from the comfort of your home with one of these online courses. The courses range from Instagram Marketing, Integrated Music Marketing Training, Digital Marketing Masterclass and more. The training programs are Practical and Budget friendly to meet the need of small business owners and entrepreneurs alike. Enrolment opens soon.