My Unique System that Gets Better Results from Social Media.

In my early days as a social media manager, it was an uphill struggle. My clients didn’t know what a successful campaign looks like and we clearly had differing views on the results that were important. Most of my small business clients were happy with just growing their likes and followers, but they didn’t know […]

42 Ways To Promote Your Music Career

These Tips will Inspire you to Create a Holistic Marketing Strategy for Your Music.

To be successful in music, you can’t afford to miss out on these two important steps. First, to define your buyer persona and next to develop a holistic marketing strategy. I’m no artist or musician but here’s what I know. You are competing with millions for the same attention at a time when it’s scarce. […]

42 ways to promote your music career

The Best Daily Hashtags For Twitter Marketing

Unlock the power of Day Related Twitter Hashtags for your Business

The golden moment for a business owner on Twitter is during a live conversation. This is why Twitter launched the ‘moments’ feature in October 2015.  It was so we could take part in current trends and get a better experience and results from Twitter. Twitter also provides the #OwnTheMoment calendar to help us plan content […]

Day Related twitter Hashtags

If This Then That (IFTTT): The No-Nonsense Guide

Here's a guide to help make the most of IFTTT web platform.

IFTTT stand for If This Then That. It’s a web-based platform that lets you automate the workflow across many of the apps we own and love. According to the slogan on their site, it allows you to automate your world. But, with all the apps on the market, is IFTTT worth your time? Should you […]

10 Twitter Chats Schedule For Small Businesses

List of weekly Twitter chats that offers valuable information to grow your business

Twitter chat offers excellent learning and networking opportunities for small business owners. But a Twitter chat on the part of the host is hard work. They have to endure sessions of no-shows and many caves under the disappointment; shutting shop before they even start. Buffer brings valuable social media best practices to the chat each week. They […]

10 Twitter chat Schedule Small Business

How to Fix These 7 Twitter Marketing Mistakes

Learn how to get the most out of Twitter with these tips.

With 310M users, Twitter is a crowded platform.  Business owners have to earn attention. You see- Twitter users are smart! They want tremendous value from those they follow -for free.  Girl (or Guy), just cause’ you open an account, doesn’t mean they gonna come! (My African American accent :-)). You have to work for attention […]

Twitter marketing mistakes