Digital Marketing Glossary

A-Z of The Digital Marketing Glossary- Key Terms with facts and examples.

Digital Marketing is constantly evolving and it’s not easy to keep up with the ever-changing field. Most people who write about the topic often assume that we have prior knowledge and that’s why I wrote this glossary. AdSense: This is a program run by Google that allows site owners to automatic display text, image, video, […]

Welcome to the September Digital Marketing Challenge. During this three weeks period, we will cover some of the key areas that it takes to build a robust Digital Marketing strategy.

Rather than just hear more information, you’ll receive actionable tips to create the Framework on which your tactics will be successful.

Duration: 6th-29th of September

We go live every other day. Join the Facebook Group

Date: September 6, 2017—September 29, 2017
Event: Digital Marketing Challenge September - Facebook Live [Online]
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Semalt Shares 6 Tips to Boost your Online Marketing using Insights from Competitors SEO Efforts.

Get some Insights how you can use your Competitors SEO efforts to Boost your Business

No one likes to see their competitors rank higher in search engines but the reality is that we cannot avoid it. Search engine optimisation (SEO) practices are forever changing, and it’s truly the survival of the fittest game. But, if your competitors are doing well, all isn’t lost because they can indirectly help you to […]

Tips from Semalt to Boost SEO

5 Creative Ways to Use Twitter Lists to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Here are some useful insights into how you can use Twitter lists to streamline important marketing tasks.

The original intention of Twitter lists is to curate a group of Twitter accounts of interest. This is useful because it cuts out the clutter and only shows you the stream of tweets from people on that list. Equally, when someone adds you to a list, you could assume that they’d like to follow and […]

twitter lists

5 Marketing Practices you Can’t Afford to Leave up to Anyone

Learn the areas that are common in a broken Digital Marketing strategy.

If you believe Digital Marketing is only what you do on Facebook, Twitter, SEO and LinkedIn, you are not alone. In fact, this week I came across a digital marketing agency owner who was of the same persuasion. Implementation without strategy is ineffective, so it’s imperative first to lay the groundwork. It’s impossible to know […]

Digital Marketing Practices

The Sales Funnel Explained – and Why You Need one!

Without a Sales Funnel, you are Making hard work out of your Marketing and losing time and money in the process.

I came across a Facebook ad this week. The advertiser was giving away a free guide on how to run a successful Facebook ad. Many of the people who commented on the ad also asked What a Sales Funnel was. They asked because other people alluded to the fact that a funnel was in use […]