42 Ways To Promote Your Music Career

These Tips will Inspire you to Create a Holistic Marketing Strategy for Your Music.

To be successful in music, you can’t afford to miss out on these two important steps. First, to define your buyer persona and next to develop a holistic marketing strategy. I’m no artist or musician but here’s what I know. You are competing with millions for the same attention at a time when it’s scarce. […]

42 ways to promote your music career

If This Then That (IFTTT): The No-Nonsense Guide

Here's a guide to help make the most of IFTTT web platform.

IFTTT stand for If This Then That. It’s a web-based platform that lets you automate the workflow across many of the apps we own and love. According to the slogan on their site, it allows you to automate your world. But, with all the apps on the market, is IFTTT worth your time? Should you […]

Ideas To Become Smarter At Using Dropbox

Get the most out of your Dropbox with these ideas and tips.

Dropbox is a useful tool for most small business owners. But many only make use of the basic function  to store files and documents. Dropbox, when used well, could help you get things done- without the hassle. This article will help you get some ideas to maximise the use of Dropbox. Backup important files: You […]

Ideas for using Dropbox

50 Tools For Small Business Owners And Entrepreneurs

Here are 50 carefully curated tools and resources to grow your business.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs have limited time and money. Good news! Many tools and resources can help us get things done easier without breaking the bank. Top marketers and large businesses use these tools every day, and we can use them too. Buffer lets you schedule content to your social media sites. It also […]

50 web tools for business owners

10 Quotes From Lifework Of High Achievers

Lifework condensed in your Favorite quotes for your Inspiration.

Quotes aren’t for everyone! Some people hate them. But, they are just what others need to digest a thought, boost inspiration or as a timely reminder. Quotes are everywhere and have become the life and soul of the party on social media platforms. But instead of just reading quotes, it would be nice to know […]

How To Run Successful Twitter Contest: Step-By-Step Guide

How to Leverage Twitter Competition to Build Brand awareness for your Small Business.

The retweet feature is a stroke of genius. Thanks to the guys who invented Twitter.  If enough people retweet your post, it will reach beyond Twitter galaxies you dare not Fathom.  The quick and easy way to get these coveted retweets are to entice people via a contest. You can create a simple follow and […]