Buyer Persona: The Complete Guide for Entrepreneurs

Get the Clarity You Need to Connect with Clients and Improve your ROI.

You’ve heard these “build it, and they’ll come” rhetoric before: “There’s never a better time to start your business. Create the website, get on Social Media, do SEO, join forums and get your message out. In no time you will run the lifestyle business and live the dream”.

Buyer Persona- A Complete Guide For Entrepreneurs

Many moons later, you’ve done all the “right things”. But the hope of a dream business is still far from reality. 

What they didn’t tell you is that you needed to craft your Buyer Persona. This process doesn’t just let you understand the challenges of your customers. But you will also offer a service that meets their unique needs and delights them so that they become your brand advocate.  So before you lift another finger, learn how to create a buyer persona. It’s the crucial and absolute first step in any business venture in this crowded online space.

What is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a representative profile of your ideal customer. This profile has both a name and avatar to help you to avoid generalised assumptions. It isn’t a sample client but an ideal client where research and interviews help to create a robust profile. The buyer persona is crucial because it provides clarity and prevents haphazard marketing, saving you time and money.

Here's a Sample Buyer Persona

A Buyer Persona of

A Buyer Persona of


6 Reasons why you need a Buyer Persona

To Create a Stronger Marketing Message

The process of defining your Buyer Persona lets you create a stronger marketing message. This well-informed offering will address the core concerns of your clients.

Prevent Untargeted Marketing

Without a buyer persona, your marketing efforts will be nothing but “random stabs in the dark”. This is a waste of already limited resources of both time and money. Your buyer persona lets you become more focus in your efforts thereby increasing ROI.

Drive Content Creation Process

How many times have you seen content that no one reads? This is material that failed to meet a need. Understanding of buyer persona drives creation of useful content,  better sales follow-up copy and even product/service development.

To Choose Relevant Marketing Channels

Crafting your buyer persona will help you find the channels that your clients use. You can then focus your efforts on these platforms and not trying to use them all.

Exclude Negative Persona

With a buyer persona, you can exclude those customers who aren’t a good fit for your business. These are the group that could drain your resources even further.

To Carryout Personalised Marketing

With a Buyer Persona, you can tailor your messages to suit segments of your audience. This will be according to their unique needs, decision-making ability and their place in the buying cycle, etc.

4 Ways to Create a Buyer Persona


Creating a Persona always start with your presumptions. But, you will need research and insights from customers to confirm your thoughts.

Use Current Customer Database

Use the information that you hold for past clients to find behaviours and trends.

Interviews clients

If possible, sit down with customers or conduct online surveys to ask clients about the issues they face. Also, find out what solutions they look for and the type of service that meet their need. Don’t exclude unsatisfied customers who can help you uncover what’s missing from your service.

Lead Capture Forms

Design your web forms to capture information to understand your prospects better. For instance, you can ask for information on their budget or the size of their company.

9 Things To Include in a Buyer Persona Profile?

Description of Client:

This summarises your persona and acts as a point of reference for yourself and team.


This section includes gender, age, job title, position in the company, salary, single, married, etc.


This describes the aspirations of your clients and results they’d like to achieve.


These are the pain points that customers face that will motivate them to buy your products.


What are your solutions that will meet the need of the challenges of your target audience?

Marketing Message:

What is your single statement that describes your brand? Inbuilt in this statement will the solution for your clients.

Real Comments:

What are some of the feedback that you receive from your prospects.

Client Source For Information:

Where do your customers go for the information they need? Do they
Ask a friend, Social Media sites: Which ones? Search Engines, Events, etc.

Value Proposition:

Also known as an elevator pitch, describe your positional statement. What is your unfair advantage?

Tips and Tools to Create a Buyer Persona

  • LinkedIn is an excellent resource that you can use to approach people in a particular role.
  • Twitter Analytics: This dashboard has some interesting insights that help you create a profile of your customers.
  • JotForm: You can quickly create forms to capture the information you need
  • Skype: You can use Skype to run over the phone interview
  • Free Profile image: Use to find a  free Avatar for your profile. 

Final word on Buyer Persona

Here’s the reality. When you know your persona, it will enable you to make an informed decision about how you promote your business. It will allow you to speak your customers’ language and to meet their need.

Furthermore, you will be able to create compelling content that solves the problem of your prospects.

It’s common to have between 3-5 profiles but as an entrepreneur, you can start with one. It is also advisable that you update it yearly as marketing condition changes. Once you do it, it’s done so spend some time and get started today!

Do you have a buyer persona? How do you use it to maximise ROI? Are there any extra tips that you’d like to add? Please leave a comment in the box field below.

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