7 Marketing Practices you must Adopt Right Now

Here are 7 areas that you have been avoiding that you must adopt right away

If you are like me who obsessively study brands, you will realise that some get attention while others- well don’t! Over the last few years, business owners struggle with what they should share on social media. Today that’s not the case. Everyone who is anyone has a pool of social media content ranging from quotes to funny cat videos.

7 Marketing Practices you must Adopt Right Now

Platforms like Twitter have become saturated and are now collapsing low-quality tweets. This reduces spam to improve the user experience.

Because without satisfied users, any platform will crumble.

People are saturated with information, and even whitepaper downloads are on a rapid decrease. Your prospects are less likely to hand over their email addresses these days. So how can business owners move forward to grow their business online in 2017?

What will it take to get attention today?

Here are seven considerations for your marketing right now:

Social Media Pay to Play:

We have seen how Facebook limits the reach of our updates even to our fanbase over the years. Instead they have given us the paid advertising opportunities to target custom audiences and to boost our posts. It has become a platform where you have to pay to play. In 2017, many platforms and in particular Twitter will follow. This is because their very survival depends on it.

Quality over Quantity:

For years, marketers have been talking about the quality over quantity rule. The roll out of the Google Panda update in 2011 designed to combat black hat SEO spam tactics was the beginning.

Also, now more than even, prospects are trained to identify quality over quantity. We have to step up our game and invest more time and even money to bring something of substance to the table.

You Need a Marketing Engine:

This is the part of marketing that business owners tend not to get. They seem to believe that advertising tactics (i.e., the tweets, etc.) are synonymous with a marketing framework. In 2017, they will need to understand that tactics are what you do once you have a framework. In fact, the tactics should only be done in the context of the framework. Or, it’s like building a house without foundation- sooner or later it will all come tumbling down.

Conversation is Crucial:

Your advertising efforts, especially on social media, isn’t a one-way conversation. It has never been! So, in 2017 it’s about communication and engagement. Don’t expect to announce things. Rather you should have authentic conversations that matter to you and your prospects.

Segmentation is Key:

If you are thinking of delivering the same message to everyone- think again! The fact is- you won’t get away with it! It comes down to these 3 areas:

  • Defining your buyer persona
  • Listening to your clients and
  • Reaching them at the point of their need.

The “spray and pray” tactics won’t do. You should pay particular attention to segmenting your email list. You can also use a client relationship management system (CRM) to grade your prospects based on their needs.

Prove your expertise:

The show, don’t tell principle is as true in marketing as in any other situations. In other words, rather than tell someone that you are brilliant. Why not show your brilliance? On a more particular basis, if you are a coach- coach! I am an introvert, and I subscribe to Stefanie Finkelstein’s weekly newsletters. She helps introverts to lead with confidence.

In her weekly newsletters- she coaches! Guess, who I will go to when am ready to hire a coach? If you worry about giving away too much information for free, you may be in the wrong profession or don’t know enough to be making a business of it.

Create a product:

The service industry is saturated. Even those companies furnished with a sales team finds it tough to close sales. It has always been said, that a book could set you apart as an expert in your field. It could be a natural course to close more business leads. For instance, although, I don’t hard sell my website designs services. I have sold many sites through DCASSS: the domestic cleaning agency guide that I wrote some years ago.

Creating a product is also one of the easiest ways to quickly build authority in your niche.

From experience, most of us have learnt that social media platforms are only useful if the message resonates with the audience. Marketers have been preaching for years that we need to approach them with a strategy. But now with time, most have proven it to be true. Don’t get caught out by the same mistakes you made in 2016. Swiftly, move forward with your marketing right away.

I would love to hear your thoughts below. Please leave a comment for me.

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4 thoughts on “7 Marketing Practices you must Adopt Right Now

  1. Very Interesting. I find marketing daunting. There are so many gurus, and they all seem to talk in jargon, as if everyone understands the terms. Usually my eyes gloss over after a few lines of reading their advice; actually, I’m not even sure if it is advice once I get into the often mystifying text. “Black hat SEO spam tactics” for example. I know I should pause, and google the terms I don’t understand, but then my mind wanders and I end up elsewhere in cyberspace or engaged in some business.

    On the whole, I find your efforts mostly helpful, and I give thanks. Having said that, the amount of learning, growing, research, calculating, strategising, and personal input it seems is necessary to get any kind of engagement from said target(s) on top of the workload of already producing or running your business, to me is quite depressing. Maybe there’s a way to make marketing fun!… or seem fun… or just less depressing.

    • I agree, marketing these days can be a full-time job if you let it. They key is to cut through the clutter and opinions and create a framework that works for your business. Let me know how you get on.