5 Marketing Practices you Can’t Afford to Leave up to Anyone

Learn the areas that are common in a broken Digital Marketing strategy.

If you believe Digital Marketing is only what you do on Facebook, Twitter, SEO and LinkedIn, you are not alone. In fact, this week I came across a digital marketing agency owner who was of the same persuasion.

Digital Marketing Practices

Implementation without strategy is ineffective, so it’s imperative first to lay the groundwork. It’s impossible to know if you are using the correct marketing tactics before defining SMART goals.

Furthermore, without paying attention to Data, you can’t make informed advertising choices for the future. And should you make changes to your campaigns, you will do so on sheer guesswork.

Know Digital Marketing Data

Know Digital Marketing Data

Regardless of how much money you invest to conquer all the nuances of your digital marketing. There are still some areas that I wouldn’t leave up to anyone else. It’s far too common for “marketing professionals” to skip these crucial stages. It’s not everyone who’ll give your business the attention to details it deserves. Below, I cover some areas to consider so you won’t become a victim of a broken digital marketing strategy.

1. Define your Buyer Persona

You are the best person to define your customer profile. It’s your business, and in the same way, you wrote your business plan; you should your target audience. You could have up to five buyer persona profiles to share with your marketing team. It eliminates guesswork and provides the tools to create a better-targeted message.

How to Create a Buyer Persona

In this article, I cover six 6) reasons why you need a buyer persona- Four (4) ways to create a buyer persona- Nine (9) areas to include in your buyer persona profile.

2. Ensure onsite SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is correct.

I have seen this many times- a decent website but where poor onsite SEO work cripples it. No proper keywords are in place, and there aren’t an adequate description of each page. In some cases, there might even be duplicate title tags and keywords stuffing. These black hat SEO practices could lead to a Google penalty. Furthermore, off-site SEO practices like back-linking take tremendous investment, but may not be credited to a site with weak onsite SEO practices.

How to Check Onsite SEO Elements

One of the easiest ways to test the onsite SEO aspects of your website is to:
  1. Type: view-source: (Your website address here) in a browser
  2. It should bring you to this screen (below)
  3. Pay attention to the following fields: title, description and keywords.
  4. If any of these fields are empty, your onsite SEO isn’t completed
  5. Also, the description should be relevant for the page
  6. Finally, each page should have a unique description.
Onsite SEO Elements

Onsite SEO Elements

How to Fix your Onsite SEO for Popular Templates.

3. Establish your Messaging Framework

Like your buyer persona, you are in the best position to decide on your messaging framework. You know the audience you’d like to reach and will be aware of the brand voice that will resonate with them.

How to establish a messaging framework

To get started:
  1. Create a list of keywords relevant to your business. These could be words like practical, actionable and responsive.
  2. Next, rank them in order of importance and plan sentences using them.
  3. It’s easy to pick random words so ensure that your choices mean something to your brand.
  4. It may also take some time to fine tune your sentences so be patient with yourself.

4 Define what SMART goals are important

SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound goals. Too often, I hear the words that “I need someone to market my company, book, etc.”. Of course, nothing is wrong with this, except in cases where you are not sure of your ROI. Advertising can be expensive without SMART goals in place.

How to set SMART goals.

First, you should define the aims  you’d like to achieve followed by your strategy to reach them. Be as explicit as possible explaining whether you have the resources to fulfil your desired goals. Remember, your resources such as time/budget will go a long way to defining objectives. Be realistic and remember that you’ll get what you pay for!

5. Finally, Know what the Data means

10,000 likes on Instagram may sound impressive but what did this mean for your business. Did it represent increased brand awareness that boosts website traffic? Or can you see any other benefits to your business? Did your blog post increase traffic to your site that resulted in five more leads?

How to Pay attention to your Data

  1. Know the data that’s important for each platform
  2. At the end of a defined period, record your data.
  3. Based on time and money invested, you’ll be able to see if they link back to sales and leads.
  4. Give your strategy time to work
  5. Use your data to make informed choices moving forward.

Regardless, of how much you dislike marketing or how much money you have- you can’t afford to ignore these areas. Employing someone to deal with your digital marketing comes with exercising a level of trust. However, it doesn’t hurt to know the areas that you need to pay attention. 


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