20 Ways To Market Your Coaching Business. 

Marketing Tactics to Inspire you to Stand out From the Crowd.

Coaching is an exciting calling! After tech, it’s the fastest growing industry in the world. It’s no wonder that a single search on LinkedIn returns over 1.3 million results.  That’s fierce competition even for those with well-crafted value propositions. The successful coaching professional the one who gets their marketing right. Rather than just focus on LinkedIn or online efforts, they also leverage offline marketing to stand out from the crowd.

20 Ways to Market Your Coaching Business.

They  create a compelling online presence that motivates and inspire their target audience to take action. Their prominent activities make them social media influencers. In this crowded marketplace, some coaches stand out while others become lost in the noise.

Here are 20 Marketing Ideas for Coaches That will Help you Standout From the Crowd.


Utilise a blog and share content that addresses the pain points of your Buyer Persona.

Email Marketing

Run a relevant email campaign to share regular updates with subscribers. Getresponse is an excellent email tool as you can also use it to create landing pages.


Join online and offline network groups with the intention to share valued content (blog posts above) to your target audience. Consider joining groups where your clients hang out but you must lead with value.

Word of Mouth

Create a system to encourage word of mouth referrals where your current customers become your promoters or brand advocate.

Online Directory

Register your details on online coaching directories. A useful tip here is to make sure that people use these sites as there’s no SEO benefit here.

Third Party Article Sites

Share your expertise on 3rd party high-traffic sites such as EzineArticle.com, BusinessZone.co.uk where clients could find your service.

Video Marketing

Make short how-to 2 minutes videos, upload to YouTube and then share via social media. Videos are efficient to build your brand, especially on Twitter and Facebook.

Offline Workshops

Plan and deliver workshops in your local area and leverage photos and videos from these events to stand out in a crowded online space.

Write a Book/Ebook

Publish a printed/and or Ebook on Amazon to boost your credibility. The dedication that it takes to create an extensive piece of writing in your field will elevate you among competitors.

Create a White paper

Create a high valued piece of free PDF downloadable content that you exchange for email address. This tactic could become the primary way to build an email list.

Social Media Marketing

Besides LinkedIn, build a compelling social media presence designed to build your personal brand and to grow your email list with fresh leads. Share quotes, tips, use Hashtags and build a magnetic presence that your clients will love.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

Don’t overlook local directories, Google Places and other sites where your can list your information. Maximise their use to enhance your visibility in search engines.

Guest Blogging

Write for popular blogs to place yourself as a thought-leader and to boost SEO. Once you find a blog of interest, write to them and ask if you can contribute a unique article.

Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

Join HARO where you’ll get the opportunity to share your expertise with high-quality publications. This is a platform where journalist and bloggers ask for a contribution in return for credit that includes name, photo and website links. The platform is used by the likes of Mashable, New York Times, Fox News, etc.

Free Consultation

Offer a free 30-minute consultation but make sure you have a full process to follow a client through to sales.

Paid Advertising

Use paid advertising to drive potentials customers to a landing page. The landing page should have some offer so you can maximise your ROI for the advertising dollar.  It could catapult you above the noise and give you high quality leads.


Collect  reviews from your previous clients and publicise them on your website and marketing materials. You could also ask for endorsements on LinkedIn. Photos and website address of clients add credibility to your reviews.


This is an excellent way to nurture the current members on your email list and to bring fresh leads to your sales funnel.


Deliver talks through companies whose staff are in your target niche.

Joint Venture

Team up with a service provider to host events or refer leads to your service.

Final Word

When you write, don’t neglect SEO best practices as organic ranking could do wonders for your business. Ensure that your writing is keyword rich as well as useful. Google keyword planner can help you to find the right keywords that you should use for your business. These are those with good volume search traffic and that’s not too competitive.

Just remember, there is a lot of clutter online but with some well-focused effort, you can get the results you need for your business.

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