10 Hashtag Answers to Questions You Should Know

Get the Scoop of How to master the Art of Using Hashtagging.

We use hashtags to make sense of Social Media conversations. They have the potential to place us before our prospects and to build our brand. But, they can also  damage our cause when not used correctly. The two most common fails include: hashtags of all the words in the bio. Or worst #hashtagging #all #the #words #in #the #status #update.


But, what about the less obvious things that you might be pondering? This Q&A post will equip you to become hashtag-savvy so you can get better results from your efforts. Let’s dive in:

Which Hashtags do I use for my business?

Without hashtags, Twitter is like a blank canvas. Or like the world having one big conversation all at one time. You should research and make a list of the popular ones in your niche. List of Popular Twitter and Instagram hashtags.

Why should I pay attention to Influencers' Hashtags?

If you don’t know what hashtags they are using, you are missing out on the conversation. No doubt your audience is following and engaging with influencers via these Hashtags. You should pay them a visit and include their hashtags in your conversation.

What are the rules of creating my own Hashtags?

The first rule is to create one that’s unique to you. Also, it should be memorable and not too long.

Can a Hashtag help me become an influencer?

Yes, but you need to create a hashtag around a particular need that you meet. You could also run a Twitter chat where you share valuable information around the hashtag.

Once, I have my Hashtag- How do I claim it and make it mine?

This one is a little tricky because you can’t own a hashtag.  But, you can use Tagboard to create a profile that ties your Twitter account to your Hashtag.

How many Hashtags should I use in each post?

More than two is spammy.  Also, it’s best practice to include them at the end of your status update. (Unless the word is in the post.)


So, how do I spread the word about my Hashtag?

Use them in relevant updates. Also, include it in your bio or pin it to profile. (It’s the only time when it’s acceptable in your bio).

Which Hashtags should I use for my local business or cause?

The best practice is to hashtag your popular local Town. You can’t go wrong here. You can also add postcodes with Town as explained in this London Hashtag guide.

Is it OK to include a trending hashtag in my updates?

(Yes and No) Yes, if it’s relevant to your message or you want to take part in the conversation. No, if you are just doing it to get attention.

What is the Number One golden rule before I use any Hashtags?

Research the source and  sentiment of the hashtag. You don’t want to use hashtags that linked to a negative source.

Finally, Hashtags will help you to create more content that your audience will love. For instance, day-related tags like #ThursdayThought and #MondayMotivation will let your create inspiring quote. Make use of Social media scheduling tool to save time. For more #InTheMoment opportunities check Twitter for what’s trending.

I’m interested to hear how you are using Hashtags, so please leave a comment for me below.

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