10 Amazing Free Tools to Kickstart your Content Marketing

These 10 free tools will help you discover and create great content on a budget.

If the thought of writing for content marketing scares you, take heart, you are not alone. At one time, the idea left me feeling like Alice (below).

content marketingI wondered where people found the time to feed the content beast. There is no question about the business benefits of content marketing. Content marketing leaders get almost seven times more traffic than their less content-savvy competitors.  (19.7% vs 2.5%) Aberdeen

Content marketing is the priority for 57% of businesses. It represents an excellent return on investment for companies of all sizes. But entrepreneurs and small business owners lack both time and budget. Some are even unaware of the tools and resources that are available to help them along the way.

Here's a list of 10 web tools that will help you create useful content on a budget. The tools are either completely free or have a free useful feature.

Create Magnetic Headlines

You need to polish your headline for the content that you publish. A good headline consists of a value proposition and an emotional element. You also have to balance these with the 70 characters cut off for search engine results.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator is a free tool that lets you include up to 3 nouns. It will return some creative headline suggestions that you can the edit further to create a title.



Portent’s Content Idea Generator does a similar job to the Hubspot tool. But instead of nouns, you input the subject of your writing. The site will return one headline suggestion at a time, but you can refresh to generate additional ideas. You will have to tweak to create a title that’s meaningful to your content piece.


TweakYourBiz Title Generator is another tool that can help you create interesting titles. It is brilliant because it helps you to improve on the suggestions you found using the Hubspot and Portent title idea generators.


Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer adds a layer to the tools above. Once you have a good headline, paste it into the analyser that will give you an overall score. More importantly, there will be a breakdown of your word balance, length analysis, result search appearance and sentiment. You can walk away from this tool feeling confident about the title of your blog post.


How to Generate Ideas for Content Marketing

We aren’t short of useful content on the web. However when you write your aim should be to meet your clients where they are in your buyer’s journey. The timing, relevance and your personality makes your content unique and useful.

Mindmapping is excellent to create content. It shows that you understand your buyer persona and aware of the content that may benefit them. Use a tool like MindMeister to build mind maps so you can capture and develop your ideas. It exists both on your desktop and as an app so you can work on the go.


Buzzsumo is a platform that lets you find content that’s trending in your niche. You will discover the most shared content across social media platforms. Once you read this content, you can decide to write a similar piece to share it with your readers. The free feature starts with a single search and provides generous insight.


Quora is a great source of crowdsourced knowledge. From here you can ask questions and get a broad range of point of views from industry professionals. It’s both a great learning and content idea discovery tool.


Make your Content Easy to Read

When we write for the web, it isn’t the same as when we wrote for school. Blogging break almost all the rules. For instance, we are to make our content scannable and conversational. But, no one will put up to typos or grammatical error so we still have to get this right.

The Hemingway App will help you to create content that is easy to read. It highlights complicated sentences, adverbs and passive portions of your writing. The idea is that you will fix these issues to achieve a maximum of grade 7 level of readability.



Grammarly will help you to identify and suggest changes for your grammatical errors. It also calculates plagiarism score so you are confident that your writing is unique.


Collaborate Like a Boss

Finally, use Google Drive to share your articles with others. For instance, freelancers can work with you on the same piece of content without you having to send emails back and forth. It could save you time and increase your productivity.


Content creation isn’t easy, but it’s not nearly as difficult as it was in the past. These tools are used by the starter to seasoned bloggers so you are in good hands.


So over to you. Which tools do you use to help you get the best out of your content? I would love to hear your feedback below.


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