7 Marketing Practices you must Adopt Right Now

Here are 7 areas that you have been avoiding that you must adopt right away

If you are like me who obsessively study brands, you will realise that some get attention while others- well don’t! Over the last few years, business owners struggle with what they should share on social media. Today that’s not the case. Everyone who is anyone has a pool of social media content ranging from quotes […]

7 Marketing Practices you must Adopt Right Now

The Practical Digital Marketing Planner – Sneak Peek!

Here is what you can expect with this planner for your business.

The Practical Digital Marketing Planner goes to print today. Below are some of the areas that the planner covers. It is a 285-page book that includes: Industry Standard Frameworks, Worksheets, Marketing Schedules and Best Practices checklist. It covers above and beyond what a professional digital marketing agency would in a consultation worth £1000s. It will be a […]

Digital Marketing Assessment- Free Limited Offer

Get an actionable digital marketing report for your business' online presence

Could you do with a complimentary digital marketing assessment for your business? This is where I conduct an assessment of your online business presence and where I provide you with actionable recommendations. I will help you to identify the area of friction within your web presence that may be slowing down your sales process. To […]

10 Crucial Digital Marketing Lessons for 2017

Get direction for your marketing efforts in 2017 that will grow your business.

According to a survey done by Smart Insights, over 47% of small business owners lack a documented digital marketing plan. Many do digital marketing activities but don’t have a framework on which to build their marketing program. Digital marketing performed in this way, results in the waste of both time and money. Such haphazard approach […]

Perhaps the most honest Digital Marketing advice you’ll read

Learn the facts about what it takes to succeed online.

It’s frustrating when your marketing message fall on deaf ears and failure to connect could cripple any business. With all the social media hype, who would imagine it to be this difficult? But of course, nowadays everyone talks and no one listens. Prospects will only pay attention when they’re motivated through interaction and education. The […]

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