Digital Marketing Glossary

A-Z of The Digital Marketing Glossary- Key Terms with facts and examples.

Digital Marketing is constantly evolving and it’s not easy to keep up with the ever-changing field. Most people who write about the topic often assume that we have prior knowledge and that’s why I wrote this glossary. AdSense: This is a program run by Google that allows site owners to automatic display text, image, video, […]

5 Email Pop Ups to Grow your List on a Budget

Here are 5 email pop ups for smarter list building on a budget.

Website users have a love hate relationship with the pop-up subscription forms. Some people hate them, find them obtrusive and even disrespectful. Others even compare them to a cold call or spam email. Others just do not care, and the reality is that they work! Blogs like Social Media Examiner gets a 66% increase after […]

5 Email Pop Up Comparison

How to use Instagram’s New Multiple-Image Posting Feature [Infographics]

Get Inspiration to Utilise Instagram Multiple Image Feature.

Instagram is a lot of fun! When it comes to sharing visual snippets of life, from blazing trails up mountains to cooking mouth-watering dinners, Instagram is beauty and diversity in one package. But what Instagram hasn’t been great at, until recently, has been story telling. It’s been hard to create a coherent vision that enables […]

instagram multi image feature

Semalt Shares 6 Tips to Boost your Online Marketing using Insights from Competitors SEO Efforts.

Get some Insights how you can use your Competitors SEO efforts to Boost your Business

No one likes to see their competitors rank higher in search engines but the reality is that we cannot avoid it. Search engine optimisation (SEO) practices are forever changing, and it’s truly the survival of the fittest game. But, if your competitors are doing well, all isn’t lost because they can indirectly help you to […]

Tips from Semalt to Boost SEO

A Simple Blog Post Formula to Keep you Focus

Here is a simple blog post formula to write better and more useful articles for your readers.

Blogging is perhaps the highest value digital marketing activity that we can do. It makes us relevant to both search engines and our target audience. The most successful bloggers have a workable blog post formula to help keep them focus on their writing efforts. Here is a simple recipe that you can use to create […]

5 Creative Ways to Use Twitter Lists to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Here are some useful insights into how you can use Twitter lists to streamline important marketing tasks.

The original intention of Twitter lists is to curate a group of Twitter accounts of interest. This is useful because it cuts out the clutter and only shows you the stream of tweets from people on that list. Equally, when someone adds you to a list, you could assume that they’d like to follow and […]

twitter lists