10 Amazing Free Tools to Kickstart your Content Marketing

These 10 free tools will help you discover and create great content on a budget.

If the thought of writing for content marketing scares you, take heart, you are not alone. At one time, the idea left me feeling like Alice (below). I wondered where people found the time to feed the content beast. There is no question about the business benefits of content marketing. Content marketing leaders get almost […]


10 Surefire Ways To Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Struggling with Social Media? Here Are 10 Things Missing From Your Strategy.

The “build it and they will come” social media fad have been around as long as social media itself. We can reach just about anyone, but it’s no easier to close a sale and to scale the business. Here’s why: social media came with a new set of rules. Clients feel entitled, and they expect […]

Social Media Strategy Tips

42 Ways To Promote Your Music Career

These Tips will Inspire you to Create a Holistic Marketing Strategy for Your Music.

To be successful in music, you can’t afford to miss out on these two important steps. First, to define your buyer persona and next to develop a holistic marketing strategy. I’m no artist or musician but here’s what I know. You are competing with millions for the same attention at a time when it’s scarce. […]

42 ways to promote your music career

How to Restore Your LinkedIn Marketing in 2016

Get back on LinkedIn and Get the Most out of the Platform with these Tips.

With over 450M registered users, Linkedin is the world’s largest professional network. The platform isn’t just for job seekers but also drives B2B sales. It’s excellent for joint venture partnerships and to connect and learn from like-minded individuals. But, many business owners have neglected the platform. Some feel it’s too closed, hard to use or that they lack […]

LinkedIn Marketing 2016

10 Hashtag Answers to Questions You Should Know

Get the Scoop of How to master the Art of Using Hashtagging.

We use hashtags to make sense of Social Media conversations. They have the potential to place us before our prospects and to build our brand. But, they can also  damage our cause when not used correctly. The two most common fails include: hashtags of all the words in the bio. Or worst #hashtagging #all #the […]


Buyer Persona: The Complete Guide for Entrepreneurs

Get the Clarity You Need to Connect with Clients and Improve your ROI.

You’ve heard these “build it, and they’ll come” rhetoric before: “There’s never a better time to start your business. Create the website, get on Social Media, do SEO, join forums and get your message out. In no time you will run the lifestyle business and live the dream”. Many moons later, you’ve done all the “right […]

Buyer Persona- A Complete Guide For Entrepreneurs